Why Staging Matters

Buying vs Selling

Fast forward 4 years from when thie video below was done, and my buyers at this development became sellers;

One agreed with staging, but the other did not. He felt since he bought it without staging he shouldn't have to invest money to sell.

It's an understandable perspective. However, when I finally shared with him most buyers couldn't visualize the unique floor plan when it was on the market, and I had to verbally "paint the picture" when showing their gorgeous house - he got it!

We staged it and got it sold!

Who's the star? You or your home?

When we market your home with photos and videos we need to be mindful of who is the star! Are potential buyers seeing your life or the home?

One seller I worked with in West Mt. Airy could not understand this. His magnificant house was filled with memorabilia, professional awards, iconic art pieces.

It made a dramatic impact when you enter, but it was hard to focus on the architectural and design elements of the home. When we were preparing for the video and photo shoot he finally understood when I said;

"If we were doing a documentary about you this would be perfect, but your house needs to be the star"

His mind shifted and we were able to rearrange furniture and art to make his home truly the diva of the story.

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