Tips for Home Buying Success

How to buy a home in today's market?

What are the critical steps for success? HGTV makes it look so easy! Just view 3 homes and pick one and you're done - right?

There are many moving pieces that aren't covered in our favorite shows. One of the first things I do with prospective buyer clients is to have a consultative conversation. We go over your dreams & goals as well as options to create success for you.

3 Steps for home buying success;

  1. Secure your team! Who you work with will literally make or break your experience. It also can impact your financial and legal exposure. Your realtor and your lender should be a conscious choice, not accidental representation that happens when you book a showing online. Your loan officer, and more importantly the team behind the scenes, is also a critical part of your journey. I'm very selective in who I recommend. It's not just the interest rates! It's knowledge, experience, process and commitment to excellence.
  2. Market Research. Having access to real-time market data as well as a broader perspective of trends, locally and regionally are part of the recipe to understanding where the numbers are in today's market and what strategies will be best for your short and long-term goals. Market analysis is also a key part of negotiation.
  3. Prepare to Negotiate. We'll discuss your negotiation style, and prepare for creating a WIN for you - that is attractive to the seller. There are several "moving pieces" in an offer strategy. Knowing what's best for your financial situation are critical factors for reviewing pro's and con's of various strategies.

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Wherever you are in the process, let's talk! I'm not pushy - I'm here to help. You can book a time on my ? here.

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When we meet, we'll go over the key elements for success based on your unique goals. Book a time on my calendar for our initial consultation.

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