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Press Releases to Sell Your Home

My strategic marketing plan includes creating press-worthy stories where possible to add exposure and solicit interest from targeted buyers.

First Bitcoin Condo Offering in Philadelphia

One prime example is Falcon Condominiums in Manayunk. The design wasn't connecting with traditional buyers due to its industrial / loft vibe. So I created "buzz" to attract technology start-up owners by offering it as Philadelphia's First Bitcoin Condo Offering in 2016.

Multiple press articles, LIVE news segment and a speaker spot at a symposium in NYC resulted. A few highlights;

Market Trends and Real Estate News

Philly Highlighted in Luxury News

I was honored to be one of two realtors interviewed for a story focused on the impact of universities on the luxury market in Philadelphia;

Pocket Listings During COVID

PBS picked up on a blog post I did during COVID highlighting the negative impact of pocket listing practices and tied it into a national news story;

Post-COVID foreclosure risks | The untold story 

Tracking pre-foreclosure trends in 2022 once the COVID maratorium on foreclosure auctions ended, I learned over 70% of homes going to auction had equity. Main stream press kept focusing on lack of foreclosure risks due to equity without, covering the "golden handcuffs" homeowners faced post-forebearance. They CAN NOT access their equity to bring their loans current and faced foreclosure, losing their homes AND their equity.

Blog posts, LinkedIn articles and a press release generated a call from a leading real estate reporter at Despite providing him 10 resources to interview, including negotiators and leading attorneys - the story was never published.

The untold story post-COVID forebearance stayed silent. Homeowners, investors and realtors remain misinformed. Yes it's not 2008, but we have a different dynamic causing foreclosures.