Affordable Living in Central PA

Dated: February 20 2024

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Home buyers facing affordability challenges

In early COVID I saw the coming crisis of affordability and unfortunately it materialized.

Business Insider reports:

"Home affordability improved slightly in the US late last year, but this housing market is still one of the unfriendliest for buyers in the past four decades.

The third quarter of 2023 was the worst three-month stretch for home affordability in 38 years, according to data from the NAR’s housing affordability index. So while last quarter was a bit better for buyers, it was still the second-worst market since 1985."

What options are available?

Help for First Time Home Buyers

My lending partner at CrossCountry Mortgage has a Community Promise program offering a $6,500 grant for home buyers. Learn more.

Rent vs Buy?

Deciding whether to continue renting or buying your home is a tough decision and the answer is always personal. Although there's been a slight decrease in rents in some markets, rents are still higher than in 2020 (pre-pandemic).

"Despite six months of decline, US median rent was just $46 (-2.6%) less than the peak seen in August 2022," wrote's Jiayi Xu and Danielle Hale in the report. "Notably, it was still $265 (18.3%) higher than the same time in 2020." - Business Insider

Affordable Homes in Central Pennsylvania

In our current housing crisis of affordability, I opened my mind and business to additional real estate options in Central PA.

With WFH and downsizing trends, locations outside major metropolitan areas open doors to affordable quality living.

In Central Pennsylvania you'll find quaint small towns, countryside beauty and convenient access to major cities as needed.

Amtrak connections in Elizabethtown, and Middletown just outside the Harrisburg airport offer easy access to NYC, Philly and Washington DC.

Local farmers markets with fresh produce and meat add to affordable, quality living in areas like Lancaster and Hershey.

Mobile Home Living in Central PA

Negative stereotypes about mobile home living are blown away with some quality communities in Central Pennsylvania.

Empty nesters and families alike are moving from traditional real estate to manufactured homes in well managed communities.

High interest rates for conventional mortgages aren't too far from the lending costs to buy a quality manufactured home.

I've met several couples who sold their homes, bought a manufactured home and had a nest egg left for a financially comfortable lifestyle.

Just like all real estate, location matters.

Don't be distracted by a "bad neighborhood" when there are quality locations nearby including 55+ communities.

Some are pet friendly, others are not. There's options to match your lifestyle.

Want to know more? Book a time on my calendar and let's talk!

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