3 Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Dated: February 15 2024

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Home Selling

What is the biggest selling obstacle?

When I asked ChatGPT "what are the top 3 mistakes home sellers make?" answers were good, but missed the #1 step for sellers, which no one (including AI) tells you;

Emotionally Detach From Your House

This is THE most powerful step towards success when selling your home. AND it's the hardest for most of us. There's so much heart and soul in our homes - history, memories, our private refuge.

Switching to a mindset of a seller is going to be uncomfortable.

You've probably heard to "depersonalize" your home, taking down family photos, etc. Many sellers I meet were offended by that advise.

Often very expensive and thoughtful interior decorating choices were made and are well worth being proud of. Add years of memorabilia and photos that warm the heart. Those are the very things that make it feel like YOUR home.

Buyers feel that too. When they tour your home, they feel like they are intruding, and get distracted with the details of your life (books, awards, etc). It blocks their ability to see it as theirs. This happens first online, and then on a deeper level at the first showing.

We literally have 5 seconds to make a connection with your potential buyers.

At my seller consults, I walk through the home with my clients starting at the front door coaching them on what a buyer sees. This becomes the foundation for our staging plan. And that's where it can get emotional.

It's not that there's anything wrong with your personal choices, staging is literally theatre. We want your home to tell a story the "audience" relates to and can visualize as their own. To do that, we have to neutralize the environment making it like a "model home" with new construction sites. Attractive, clean and not personalized.

How the walk through flows and what catches the buyers eye are all part of the selling presentation. Quite often that means rearranging and sometimes removing furniture.

So now that you've taken a breath and shifted to thinking of your home like a product you're selling, let's dive into more tips for success;

Top 3 Home Seller Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  1. Overpricing - sometimes the blame here can lie with bad advice from an inexperienced realtor. Guiding a home seller through market data takes knowledge, experience and the astute ability to offer advice, even if its not what you want to hear. When we meet I'll explain in more detail how this actually costs you money.

  2. Marketing - The first step is preparing the home to sell, then how it's presented. For tips for success, download my FREE Sample Marketing Plan.

  3. Negotiations - An experienced agent will help guide you through negotiations, do due diligence to present all the facts associated with not only the price but the terms and help keep emotions in check. Home owners who haven't taken that first step of emotionally detaching often get personally offended by certain price and/or terms. Those emotions can block negotiation and can cause a loss of opportunity with a qualified buyer ready to purchase. You need an agent skilled at negotations.

Resources to prepare for success

We'll go over all of your questions. Let's talk!

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